Привет👋  My name is Tolya. I am studying computer science and cognitive science at the University of Richmond. I work on computer vision projects and coordinate student researchers at Robbins Lab .

In my free time, I like to scrape data and learn to build cool visualizations (see projects). I also love coffee, cats, and ice skating.

Tolya Evdokimov

CS & CogSci @ University of Richmond

Computer Vision Researcher, Robbins Visual Cognition Lab

tolya [dot] evdokimov [at] richmond [dot] edu

posters & presentations

Evdokimov A., Robbins A. (2023, May 20). Differences in similarity effects across target categories [Conference Poster]. Vision Sciences Society Meeting, St. Petersburg, FL, United States. 


Donaldson J., Evdokimov A., Wynn N. (2023, April 14). Identifying Links Between Human Values and Persuasion: an NLP Corpus Study [Symposium Poster]. University of Richmond Arts & Sciences Symposium, Richmond, VA, United States. 


Lowder M. W., Moe M., Evdokimov A. (2023, March 8-11). Immediate Processing Costs for Place-for-Institution Metonyms Appearing as Sentence Subjects [Conference Poster]. Human Sentence Processing 2023, Pittsburgh, PA, United States. 


Evdokimov A., Jarecki M., Levins C., Lowder M. W. (2022, December 8). Repetition Priming and Repetition Costs During Sentence Reading [Symposium Poster]. University of Richmond Psychology Capstone Symposium, Richmond, VA, United States.


project highlights

U.S. Officials Travel Analysis

An analysis of textual data from the U.S. Historian website

Cleaning eye movement data in R

An overview of transformations for external eye tracking datasets